Monday, March 2, 2009

questions to a christian from Indonesia, by IJ

When you left your country, what happened at the airport?
Tell me about your mother and father: they are Christians, they still live in the same house and go to the same church, and they have suffered no harm? you say they did not suffer physical harm; but that they did suffer emotional harm? what do you mean? what is "emotional harm"?
-Did you get a visa from the USA Embassy in your country? how did you leave your country?
Does the recent Department of State report, at page 17, say that the police try to protect churches?
Does the recent Department of State report at page 18, say that violence against Christians "continues to decline"? The Judge, the government lawyer, and your own lawyer read the Department of State reports, but you don't?
You are different from everyone else in the courtroom?
how were you able to get 24 [twenty four] people to come to court for you today?

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