Tuesday, November 3, 2009

protestor from Cameroon

The Asylum Officer asked these questions of a protestor from Cameroon who suffered no physical harm:
1. what was your address in Douala? if the street has no name, and the house has no number, how would the police find you? they would ask a man in the neighborhood where you lived?
2. do you have a political opinion? what is it?
3. you say you "supported" the SDF? what is the difference between being a "supporter" and a "member"?
4. why weren't you a member?
5. what kind of difficulty did you have with the government?
6. how did you protest? what did you do, specifically? you parked your truck on road, and then stood by it and shouted slogans?
7. what did the other protestors do?
8. do you know the names of the other protestors?
9. did one of them write a letter of support for you? not even one? why not? did you even ask one person to write a letter of support?
10. In March 2009, what did your wife tell you? what thoughts went through your mind when she told you that?
11. why is the Government looking for you? are you important?
12. is the government still interested in you, even now, two years later?
-how did you get the tourist visa? did you fill out a two-page form? was it form DS 156?
-did you answer in writing? is this a copy of what you filled out two years ago?
[how did the Asylum Officer get a copy of that form?]
-did you go in person to the U.S. Embassy? how many times? what was the conversation? what did the man ask, and what did you answer? did you tell lies? why did you tell lies?
-if you return to your country tomorrow, what would happen? why do you think they would arrest you at the airport?
-after you left your country, did your wife suffer? how? why?
-did the other drivers suffer? how? why?
-let's look closely at your driver's license: what does each date mean? what city were you in at each time?
-does the driver's license "know" more about you than you do?
-does your passport "know" more about you than you do?
-is there anything else? yes, oK, now, is there anything else?

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