Friday, March 19, 2010

forced marriage in Cameroon #2

More questions:
While you were testifying, did you notice that the government lawyer was reading your affidavit attached to your I-589? do you remember what it says?
-why does that statement not contain some of the things you are talking about today? In other words, why isn't everything in that statement?
Who helped you prepare the I-589? was he in a big hurry, or was he happy to spend several hours wrestling with you, to get your story? how well do you speak English? was it easy to get translators to spend several hours with you, wrestling, making you tell your story in a consistent way?
How much money did the translator want you to pay him? how much money did you have? why didn't you borrow money to pay him? did you have lots of rich friends here in USA, or did you know only poor, out-of-status people like yourself who spoke no English and had no work permits?
What did you tell the Asylum Officer? why didn't the Asylum Officer write down the story about your sister and the school? was the Asylum Officer slow and leisurely, and asked you hundreds of questions, or was he tired and in a hurry?
you had problems in the northern part of your country? Ok, so why not live in the central part? why not live in the southern part?
Let's pretend that this afternoon, you go to Dulles airport, and fly to the aiport in the capital city of your country. You arrive there at 9:00 am. What would happen at the Yaounde Airport? nothing? because no one at the airport cares about you?
Then, take a taxi to the center of town and rent an apartment? Nothing would happen, because no one knows or cares if you arrive, and live there?
How would your father even know that you came home?
How would he force you to marry the jerk? how would he do that?
You left your country over three years ago. Your father has forgotten about you, hasn't he?
your government has forgotten about you, yes?
-your friend Mary knows about your problems? why did n't she write a letter of support for you?
-Your sister Alice knows? why didn't she write a letter? did you even ask her? it is your fault there is no letter, or it is her fault?

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