Monday, June 14, 2010

activist from Ethiopia

The Asylum Officer asked these questions, of the pro-democracy activist from Ethiopia:
-what is the date of birth of your husband? what was the date of your marriage?
who helped you prepare this application?
-why are you applying for asylum?
why do you fear your government?
Why were you arrested?
where were you, at the moment of your arrest? what time was it?
what were you doing at the moment of your arrest?
then what happened?
what questions did he ask you?
what did he hit you with?
tell me about all weapons, and all words, from the guard!
what language did he speak? what accent? where was he from?
-did he show any emotions? did he get angry? was he bored?
-why did you go to the hospital?
what did the doctor say to you? what did the nurse say to you?
did they give you any medicine?
did you have any visitors at the hospital? did one of them write a letter of support for you?
-How many times were you interrogated? were you hit each time, or just some of the times?
What did they ask you? how did the guard feel about your answers? did he show any emotions? was he listening to your answers? did some of your answers really make him mad?
did you join a political party in your country? why? when did you join?
what did you do? you sat in a chair in a room, and listened while other people talked? did you DO anything? distribute pamphlets? sell items to raise money? ask people to attend rallies and meetings? ask people to give money?
what is your political opinion?
did you do anything here in the USA?
why did you join that group?
how many protests did you attend? where were they? what happened at the first protest? where did you stand? did you hold something, like a large sign?
why didn't you flee sooner from your country? you were released from prison in 2007, but you did not leave your country until 2009? why the delay? was it hard to get a visa? hard to save money for airplane ticket? how did you get out of your country? your government hates you, but it gave you a passport, and let you leave from the airport?
-how much of a bribe did you pay at the airport? 5,000 birr? who did you pay it to?

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