Tuesday, July 6, 2010

activist from Rwanda

The Asylum Officer asked: what did your father do for a living?
where is your brother right now?
Tell me about each member of your family: where are they right now, what are they doing; why aren't they being harassed by the government?
Why did you join that political group?
What are the rules for membership? can anyone join?
What is the platform of that group?
Were you ever detained in your country?
At the time of your arrest, what were you doing, and where were you? For example, you were walking on the street, you were sitting inside a restaurant, or what?
How long were you detained? how many days or hours?
How did the officers beat you? what weapons did they use? where did they hit you?
Did you see any blood? where? where else?
Do you have any permanent injuries from the beating?
how do you sleep at night?
what would happen if you return to your country?
why would you be arrested?
Hasn't your government forgotten about you?
Are you famous? are you notorious? why do you think your government knows anything at all about you?
Is there anything else?