Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Burmese applicant #2

More questions asked of a pro-democracy activist from Burma:
When was the first time you were arrested? tell me the month/year/city?
Where were you, at the moment of your arrest?
How long were you detained?
Were you questioned? how many times? 3 x?
during the first questioning period, did you suffer any physical abuse?
what did they hit you with? what weapons did they use?
where did they hit you? on your left leg?
Did you see any blood? where? on your shirt, and on your hands?
Did you suffer any long-lasting injuries?
did you see a doctor for your injuries?
Where is the medical record from the doctor, confirming that you saw the doctor?
How did you get released? what was the conversation at the time of your release?
you were released from prison in 2006? did you have any problems with your government in 2007? in 2008?
Did you ever travel outside of your country? when?
Why didn't you apply for asylum in France? why not in Japan?
After living in Japan, you voluntarily returned to Burma?
You say your government hates you, but you voluntarily returned to your country?
Isn't the fact of your return some evidence that your country is not dangerous?

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