Friday, September 17, 2010

pro-democracy activist from Burma

The Asylum Officer asked:
-show me your passport!
Who are the people in each photograph? tell me the month/year/city
What did your father do for a living?
what did your mother do for a living?
Why did you come to USA?
Have you ever been harmed? are there different kinds of harm?
Is there "economic" harm? if someone threatens you, did you suffer "emotional" harm?
You lost your job, and were threatened? so why do you say "I suffered no harm"?
Who threatened you? why? what words did he say?
You say the Red Cross man talked to you, face-to-face? How does the government know about that? did someone tell you the government knows? did you see, with your own eyes, that a government man was watching?
why did you protest in USA?
did your government notice what you did?
did anyone inside Burma, see you on their computer, or on satellite TV?
you were threatened in June 2010 in Rangoon? you left Burma, and then you voluntarily returned to your so-called "dangerous" country? If you return, then it is not dangerous, right?
Did you have any trouble getting a passport?
did you have any trouble getting a visa from the US Embassy? why did you tell lies to the Embassy?
did you have any trouble getting out of your country?
If you return, what would happen?
Is there anything else? You want me to look at the letter of support from your brother?
OK, is there anything else?

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