Thursday, July 14, 2011

an activist from Moldova

The Asylum Officer asked:
-show me your passport! give me a photocopy of each page of your passport!
What is the Date Of Birth of:
1] your wife 2] son #1; 3] son #2
Did anyone help you prepare this application? who?
Do you understand the contents of your application?
did you have any difficulty getting your passport from the Government which you say hates you?
-did you have any difficulty getting out of your country? why weren't you arrested at the airport as you showed them your passport?
Tell me your complete immigration history here in USA!
Are you afraid to return to your country? why?
-do you know someone, who is similarly-situated to you, who was not harmed? why wasn't she harmed?
when you lived in your country, did you oppose your government? how?
Does your government know what you did in your country?
How would they know?
Why did you opposed your government?
when did you begin to oppose it?
Has anyone in your family been harmed?
Your brother told you not to return? why did he tell you that? why does he think that?
If you return to your country, what would happen?
Why would that happen?
Do you CONTINUE to oppose your government?
what did you do here in USA?
Did you join a political party here in USA?
Did you do ANYTHING, just one thing, here in USA to show your oppostion to your government?
Tell me about all of your international travels!

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