Thursday, March 29, 2012

another activist from Ethiopia

The Asylum Officer asked:
-inside the prison, what did you hear? coughing of prisoners who had Tuberculosis?
the screams of prisoners being beaten? a large angry prisoner, in your face, yelling at you?
did you see any blood inside prison?
did you see any insects, flies, rats?
did you see any dead bodies?
You suffered in your capitol city? so, why not go live in a small village far away? why do you think your government could find you there?
what have been your political activities here in USA?
what have you done here, that annoys or irritates your government?
Why hasn't your husband suffered any harm since you have been here?
Is there anything else?
What is your favorite exhibit?
Is there anything else?
where is the envelope for this letter?
How do I know your husband really wrote this letter? maybe someone else did?

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