Wednesday, August 8, 2012

domestic violence in Sri Lanka

The Asylum Officer asked: 1] show me your passport! give me a complete copy of each page! 2] how many passports have you had, in your life? Give me a copy of each page, of each passport! 2] when did you depart from your country? 3] when did you enter the USA? 4] what other countries have you lived in? what was your status in each country? can you return to that country today? 5] you lived in India from 2005-2007? what was your immigration status there? can you return there today, if you wanted? = 6. Is there an error on page 2 of I-589? 7. Are there two more errors on page 4 of I-589? you were too busy to read over the I-589? You want to start this interview, with me noticing errors made by you? = Why don't you want to return to your country? what would happen if you returned tomorrow? whom do you fear? do you fear your government? do you fear anyone else? = you say your husband punched you? why? Did you ever call the police? the police came to your house? is calling the police a waste of time? a 90% waste of time? Each time your husband hit you, can you tell me the month/year/city? did your husband ever hit your children? ever threaten them? -tell me the first, worst, and last bad thing your husband did to you -for each incident, tell me what weapons he had; tell me what words he said, tell me what part of your body did he hit - for example: He held a large stick. He said, "I will kill you." he hit me on my shoulders, back and butt. = What words did husband say? When he said that, what thoughts went through your mind? [wtwtym?] What kinds of harm did you suffer? physical, mental, and economic? what physical harm did you suffer in 2008? how about today, 2012? does your leg still hurt? Emotional harm? how do you feel today, as a result? anxious?

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