Monday, April 1, 2013

questions asked of an applicant from west Africa

The Asylum officer asked:
1] can you repeat what it says on page one of your application? when did you last leave your country?
when did you enter the USA?
2] what is your tribe? what is your religion?
what is the Date of Birth [DOB] of your husband? of child #1? of Child #2?
3] what was your last address in your country/
4] what was the highest education you had?
5] who was your last employer? when did you stop work? when you quit, what did you tell your employer? did you tell employer you were quitting and going to the USA, and maybe never returning to your country?
Who helped you prepare your application?
did you have any difficulties getting your passport?
did you have any difficulties departing from your country?
You say your government hates you, and is angry at you? Really? if so, how come government gives
you a passport when you ask?
How come government allows you to travel out of the country when you want?
Were you a member of any groups, or political parties in your country?
Are you a member of any groups, or political parties here in USA?why not?

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