Thursday, June 20, 2013

an activist from Cameroon

The government lawyer asked many questions of the activist from Cameroon:

1] you became politically active only AFTER you were denied asylum by the Asylum Office?
You were not active before? you were not active back in your home country?
2] why did you become a member of the SCNC? What does "SCNC" stand for?
3] how and where did you first learn about it?
4]you say you protested in front of the Cameroon Embassy in Wash DC, and that Embassy staff took your photo? so what? you say your photo was then sent back to Cameroon, and that now the government knows you protested here in USA, and that now your government is angry at you? Why do you think that?

5] tell me the name of one person who protested in front of the Cameroon Embassy, who then returned to Cameroon and then was arrested!

6] who is Justice Mbuh? was he arrested in September 2009? why was he arrested?

7] did you really attend SCNC meetings here in USA? what was the address of the meetings? how did you get to the meetings? walk? drive/metro? how long does it take to walk to the metro? how long from the metro to the meeting?

8] do you have any photos of yourself at the meetings? do you have even one letter from a person who saw you at a meeting?

9] did you do "fund raising" here in USA? what does that mean? what did you do?

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