Wednesday, September 18, 2013

a man from Syria

The Asylum officer asked: September 18, 2013

What clothes should the applicant wear to the interview?
How many sentences can someone translate, at one time? If you speak four sentences, do you think the translator can translate all of your words?
Isn't it better to say just two sentences; let him translate, then say two more?
Will you give me a copy of your passport?
please show me all of your original documents!
please show me all envelopes, with stamps on them!
did someone read your application back to you, in your language?
ever used any other names?
can you repeat each date and thing on page One of Form I-589?
can you repeat all of page two?
can you repeat all of page three?
I love passports. how many passports have you ever been issued?
when did your last passport get issued? when does it expire?
Do you know what each stamp in your passport means?
Can you repeat everything that is one page four of I-589?
if you change your answers in front of the Asylum Officer, what will the officer think about you and the person who helped you prepare Form I-589?

You say your government hates you, and that your country is very dangerous, because the government wants to torture and kill you? Really?
-so, did you ever voluntarily return to your "dangerous" country?
-did your government give you a passport? did your government allow you to fly an airplane out of the country?
What inconsistency do you see in this situation?
Why are you applying for asylum?
OK, we are done now. Is there anything else?

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