Monday, January 20, 2014

activist from Cameroon

The asylum officer asked:
-Where are the originals? did you bring all originals, and your passport, to the asylum office?
Was your application read back to you in your language?
Can you repeat each box on page one of I-589? what is your name? have you used other names?
Did you ever work for your government [which you say is angry at you]?
Here in the USA, who are you living with?
Can your government protect you?
You fear whom?
Did you belong to any organizations in your country? any membership cards?
What is the history of your political party? what is its platform?
Why did you join it? what attracted it to you?
What does "tribalism" mean?
When did you first become involved in political activities?
How many times were you detained?
What did the policeman say, when he arrived?
When was the last time your read your Declaration? you have forgotten your Declaration, so that you cannot repeat it back to me?
-where did you live, each night, for the last three months you were in your country?
Why didn't you try to depart from your country earlier?
Why did you come to the USA?
What did you say on Form DS-160?

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