Friday, April 17, 2015

an activist from the CAR

The asylum officer asked:
Show me all of your passports!
Tell me about all of your international travel!
how did you get the passport? walk in, and it was handed to you?
Or, they gave it to your sister, and she mailed it to you?
In 2009, you flew airplane to London? and then to Paris?
What do your parents do for a living?
How do you suppport yourself in USA? do you work without a permit?
you arrived in USA in 2013, but you waited ten months to apply for asylum? why the delay?
In June 2013, you talked face-to-face with a policeman? what did he say? can you repeat the words he said?
Did your sister write a letter of support for you? why not?
What is the situation in your country, today, April 2015?
Who do you fear? why do you still fear them?
Ms. Samba is the president of your country? what is her ethnic group? Goula.  Usually, the Goula people live in the north-east part of your country? they are usually Muslim?
How do they know you are not a Goula?
Tomorrow, if you fly airplane to the capitol city of your country, what would happen?
Is your government still interested in you, or have they forgotten about you?
Human Rights Watch recently reported that your president was in favor of democracy and in favor of punishing war criminals?  Is this true?
You had problems in city #1; OK, so why not live in city #2?
Who are you, in one sentence?  a non-Goula, an activist who supports democracy.
   in the last six months, has one other similarly-situated person suffered harm in your country?
Is there anything else?

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