Thursday, July 23, 2015

activist from Syria #2

More Questions:
-what happened during each day of your detention?
Did you belong to an organization in your country?
why did you decide to join?
what is the goal or platform of that organization?
What was your role?
what did you do?  what would a movie camera record you doing?
    -standing on the street, distributing pamphlets? walking and knocking on doors?
   -sitting at a computer, sending out emails and talking on the phone?
Did your party ask you to do anything? what?
You sat in a chair, in silence, alone in a room, and had some private thoughts?
did you suffer any injuries? NO? then what are you complaining about? what do you need asylum for?
There are physical injuries, which require the attention of a doctor?
Did you suffer "emotional" harm?  Yes? why didn't  you say so, earlier?
did a member of your family receive a threat? when?
Have you done any political activity here in USA?
Did you stand on the sidewalk, holding a sign?
Why haven't you joined an organization here in USA?
Did you ever voice your opinion, publicly, here in USA?
     why not? don't you care about the problems in your country?
Did your government hear what you said about it, here in USA?
   how do you know that?
  -who says, besides you, that your government has spies here in USA?
If you return to your country, what would happen?
You had problems in the capitol city of your country? why not live in a city 3 hours away?
Wouldn't you be safe there?
Is there anything else?
Is there anything else?
what is your best exhibit, that explains about the problems in your country?

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