Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Afghanistan: victim of domestic violence

The interview with asylum officer lasted 3 hours. The first hour and one fourth were spent on subjects OTHER than harm suffered in the country.
   Instead, the officer asked:
-did anyone help you prepare your application? How did he help you? How was your application created?
-did you review your app in your native language? Did someone read back your app to you, in your own language?
-does your written statement include all relevant details?
-does your statement include all the harm you suffered?
did anyone help you with your visa application? how did you prepare and submit DS-160, the application for a visa?
-was everything in that app true and accurate? NO? you lied by telling the Embassy you would return to the country, when you had no plans to?  Why did you lie?
= = =
Let's see if you can repeat page one of I-589 without looking at it: your full name? DOB? POB?
ethnic group? religion?
-tell me the names, and DOB of each of your children
-telll me the names and current location of each of your nine siblings. Why are only four siblings mentioned?
What was your last address in your country?  you lived in a house, without a number, on a street that had no name?  OK< then, say that
-is the Afghan calendar different from the U.S. calendar?
Tell me each address  you lived at in the USA, and who you lived with.
Who owns that house in Alexandria? you have lived there for 12 mnths, and you do not know the last name of the owner?
Who are you living with, right now?
Are you working? how do you pay rent? who buys the food?
you are not working in the USA? so what do you do, all day?
-Tell me the name, and current location, of each and every family member. You did not write it down on your app; so we are going to do it right now, which by the way is rather boring for me
Who translated your documents? where is the cert of translation? why isn't there one?
I want to see an original, hand-written statement in the Pashtun language, along with the envelope it came in!
At  your lawyer's office, your son was your translator, but today, it is someone else?  Are there large difficulties in translation?
Why did you come to the USA?
Who are you afraid of?

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