Monday, September 19, 2016

an activist from Bangladesh

The asylum officer asked:
-did anyone help you with your app?  did you write a personal statement? who wrote the English version?
how did you get the visa to enter the USA? how did you get your airplane tickets?
Why did  you leave your country?
Why did they threaten you?
How did you join the political party? why did you want to join? what did you like about them?
what were your activities for the party?  what sort of activities did you do?
What did you talk about in your meetings?
how many meetings did you organize in 2009?
Did you do any other activities?
What was the government doing, that was wrong?
= = =
What were you protesting? how were  you protesting?
How did people know that a protest was scheduled?
you said you joined in 2007, but your written statement says 2008?
One of your witnesses from City #3 says you joined in 2001? Yes   Why did he write that?
The letter from your party says you began to be active in 2008? but really, you were active in 2007?
The person who wrote the letter is not good in English?
How did you become the General Secretary? was there an election?
How did the men know you were planning to protest?\
what words did they say, when they attacked?
Did you report your problems to the police?
When was beating #2? what did the bag guys say?
how long were you in hospital? what did they do for you, at the hospital?
How do you know the men were from the government?
Did you ever feel like  you were being watched or followed?
you were threatened in your house? except in your app you said you were threatened in the camp?
When you think about the harm you suffered, how does that make you feel?
did  you experience any emotional, mental or psychological harm?
Has anyone been looking for you, since your arrival in USA? how do you know they are looking for you?
How would they find you, if you returned?
in your country, does everyone know everyone?
has anything happened to a member of your family since you left?
how and when was he threatened?
On 4/10/15 they held you for 1.5 hours? Can you describe that in as much detail as possible.
    what did they say?  what did they ask?  in your statement, you said it was for 2.0 hours? why is that?
is there anything else?

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