Tuesday, November 15, 2016

an activist from Sudan

The government lawyer asked these questions of the activist from Sudan:
  You were detained in 2013? how were you released? what happened on the day they let you go?
  you were also detained in 2014? how were you released? what happened that day?
    You say your brother paid a bribe to get you out? But  your Declaration, that was attached to your I-589, does not say that, correct? why is your oral testimony today, different from your earlier written statement?
   What was your immigration status in Kenya? why didn't you stay there and become a citizen? can you go there now? what are the current immigration rules of Kenya?
  You say that Sudan is a dangerous country? really? OK, so then why did you voluntarily return there in 2015? why would you go to a "dangerous" country?
How did  you get your visa to enter USA? did you fill out DOS Form 160, on line? did you tell lies to get your visa? do I, the government lawyer, have a copy of that application? [of course I do] but you don't? So I know more about your application than you do?
= =
What jobs have you done here in USA?
You say you were injured in Sudan, and that you went to the hospital? Really? did anyone visit you in hospital, and did they write a letter about their visit? why not? Where are the hospital records? you were too tired and busy to ask for them?
What tests did they do at the hospital?
What did the doctor do? clean your wounds, put in stitches, give you a blood transfusion; give you any medicine?
How do  you spend your time here in USA?
In the last 30 days, did you telephone anyone in Sudan and find out any  useful information? why not?

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