Wednesday, January 4, 2017

activist from Burundi #2

The asylum officer asked:
What words did the officer say to your brother?
How did your brother interpret, or understand, what he said?
Why did your brother believe those words are a threat?
If the threat is against  you, why was your brother afraid?
Where was your brother, at the moment of the threat? standing in the street? sitting inside a restaurant?
Did anything bad happen to any member of your family? Tell me the month/year/city, who did the bad thing, and why
PASSPORTS: I, asylum officer, love passports. They speak the truth. They are better witnesses than any person. Each stamp in the passport means what? the person is at an airport, or at a government office?
Smith told you that Mr. Jones was angry?
Did you send a letter to Mr. Jones? really? did he receive it? how do you know if he did?
Did Jones send a letter to his boss? how do you know? where is the letter now?
Did you see it with your own eyes, or do you just believe, or think, Jones sent a letter?
What did Smith see with his own eyes? what did he hear with his own ears?
    If you do not know, why don't you just say that?  Why not say, "Well, I am not sure; I am not an eye-witness. However, I believe that happened. Other people believe it too."
Did your boss have a reputation among the office workers?  Did most people in the office believe certain things about the boss? So, he had a "reputation"?
is there anything that happened, that makes you believe  your government is still interested in you?
Is there anyone else, who agrees with you, that your government is still interested in you?
Why does that person believe that?

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