Thursday, March 27, 2008

what is the motive of the bad guys?

Ms. A, from Albania, was denied asylum. She suffered real physical harm: she was raped, and forced to be a prostitute. She suffered emotional distress, and she did not earn money for herself; [i.e. she suffered economic harm]. She had corroboration for her story; in other words, the Judge believed she suffered harm. However, the bad guys had a simple motive: they wanted her body, not her mind. They wanted to earn money off of her. They did not care about her race, her religion, or her political opinion. They just wanted a body to do work.

Mr. B, from Brazil, was also denied asylum. He said the bad guys threatened to kill him, so he left his country. He did not suffer any physical harm; nor did he suffer any economic harm. He suffered some emotional distress, [because it is upsetting to receive a death threat], however, he did not have any nightmares or flashbacks. He did not see a psychologist in the USA. The Judge ruled that Mr. B also did not have a fear of harm in the future. The Judge ruled that the bad guys had probably forgotten about him. His wife and two sons continue to live in peace in the country; how come the bad guys did not threaten them? If your family lives in peace, then you can go live with them, and then all of you can live in peace. You do not need asylum, said the Judge.

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