Monday, March 31, 2008

why aren't you consistent with your I-589?

Ms. L, from Burma, faced these hostile questions from the government lawyer: 1] so, you suffered no physical harm? what was your status in Singapore? you were a "permanent resident" there? so, you do not need asylum here, because you can go and live there? why didn't you apply for citizenship in Singapore? 2] your family lives in peace in Burma? your father has a good job, earns money, and no one bothers him? same for your mother? sister #1? Sister #2? sister #3? brother #1? all of them live in peace? how are you different from them?
3] some things are not mentioned in your I-589? Mr. W helped you fill out the I-589? he spent just 3 hours with you? did you speak good English at the time? you signed it without really understanding it? why do you say you felt coerced into signing it?
4] your passport is very important. PASSPORT! yes, it is full of stamps, however, I, the government lawyer will find the one stamp that shows you are inconsistent! before you came to the USA the last time, when did you get your visa? to get the visa, did you have an interview with officer at the Embassy? you told lies to him? did he ask you about your troubles? did you have a plan at the time of that interview? what was your plan? if you did not have full information about life in the USA, how could you make full and real plans? did you suffer first, and get your visa second? or, get visa first, i.e. you made a plan to come to USA, and then, you claim you suffered harm? isn't that too convenient? the timing of getting your visa is very important: if you got your visa in March, and then claim to have suffered in April, then even though you say you fled your country because of the harm, we believe you were already planning to leave anyway, regardless of any harm.

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