Monday, December 8, 2008

against forced marriage in Cameroon

The Asylum Officer asked these questions, of the woman, Ms. C, from Cameroon, who was against forced marriage:
1. where do you hold citizenship? where else in the world have you traveled? when did you last enter the USA?
2. what was your last address in your country? what street did you live on? did your street have a name?
3. tell me the names of your father, mother, each brother, each sister, and where does each one live today? why didn't even one brother send you a letter of corroboration? did you ask both brothers? why not?
4. why did you apply for asylum? whom do you fear? why? when was the most recent threat?
5. you arrived in USA eleven months ago; why the big delay in applying? was it hard to find a lawyer?
6. what was the worst thing that happened to you in your country?
7. did Mr. X hurt you? how? what weapons did he use? his open hand? a slap? punched you with closed fist? hit you with belt? pulled your hair? pushed you? insulted you in front of others? made oral threats to kill you? what words did he say? what language?
8. did you report problems to the police? where is the station? what buildings are next to it?
9. Describe the policeman who took your report: age, height, glasses? weight? attitude? what language did he speak? what did he say to you? what did you say?
10. Mr. X lives in the city of Yaounde? OK, so go live in Bamenda: why not? go live in a small town? why not? how can Mr. X reach you if you are ten hours away?
11. is there anything else?

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