Friday, November 7, 2008

why aren't you active here in USA?

The Government lawyer asked these questions of Mr. E, from Ethiopia, who claimed his government tortured him because of his political opinion:

-when did you join the political party? why? what did you do? did you ask people for donations? sell things to earn money? distribute pamphlets and papers? invite people to meetings/rallies/demonstrations?

-do you know your own history? can you repeat your story, chronologically? do you know what happened before what? the first demonstration was before the election, or after?

-why did you wait so long to join a group here in USA? aren't your political opinions important to you? what activities did you do, here in the USA, that your government is aware of? why do you think your government is aware of your activities? maybe they are bored with you. Are you a big shot? are you important?

-at the time of your arrest, what words did the officer say? what else did he say? what language did he speak? can you repeat his words?

-what physical harm did YOU suffer? do not tell me about others; tell me about you, yourself.
-you had no problems at the airport, when you left your country? why weren't you arrested at the airport? did you pay a bribe? how much? how did you pay the bribe?

-did you tell your friend about your problems in the old country? what did you tell him? did you tell your friend about your activities here in USA? what did you tell him?
-tell me about your passport: when was it issued? where did you travel? how did you get a visa?
-how were you able to travel?
-did someone in the USA attempt to verify your story, by contacting someone in your country?
why not?

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