Monday, January 19, 2009

man from Pakistan was asked about his passports

The AO wanted to know these things about Mr. P, from Pakistan:
-what is your ethnic group? what is your religion? what do you mean, "liberal" muslim?
-tell me about your international travels: what was your immigration status when you arrived here in USA? did you maintain your status? what applications did you file, before the application for asylum?
-what was your last address in Pakistan? when did you last enter the USA?
-why are there errors on page 4? if you were too busy to fill it out correctly, maybe I am too busy to interview you, and come to the correct decision?
-when was your passport issued? where did you travel next? and then? when does passport expire? did you try to re-new it? what happened when you asked at your Embassy?
-when did you decide to apply for asylum?
why did you apply? who do you fear? why?
-show me all originals! show me the envelopes the letters came in!
-did you suffer economic harm? they seized your land? worth how much?
-you say a fatwa was issued against you? how does government know about it? how does family of Mr. X know about it?
-did you bring all of your papers here to the interview? why not?
-Mr. X found out about your activities? how? how did he find out? what is the motive of Mr. X?
-there is no date on the fatwa? why not?
"does the church issue fatwas?"
-if you return to your country, who do you fear? what do you fear? why?
-did you ever fire a weapon? did you receive training with rifles or pistols?
-is there anything else? yes, what? now, is there anything else?

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