Friday, February 26, 2010

pro-democracy activist from Burma

The Assistant Chief Counsel wanted to know:
1. where are the originals? where is each envelope?
2. why did you come to the USA?
3. as you left your country, any problems at the airport? why not? how much did you pay as a bribe?
4. was it hard, or was it easy, to get your passport? how much did you pay in bribes to get it?
5. why was your friend in Mandalay beaten to death?
6. your wife was arrested in June, 2009? after that, did she have any problems? why not?
7. what were your political activities here in the USA? what views did you express? did anyone notice? how do you know that someone from your government noticed?
8. did you engage in "oppositional political activities" [OPA] here in the USA?
9. does your government have knowledge of your OPA? how do you know?

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