Thursday, February 10, 2011

an activist from Burma was not active enough

Mr. N, from Burma, was denied asylum.
-in court, he said the police talked to his mother, in Burma, just one time. However, the letter from mother said that the police talked to her several times.
-he had a brother in Burma, who knew that the police talked to mother, but the brother did not write a letter. Why not?
Mr. N, did you even ask brother to write a letter?
whose fault is it, that there is no letter?

Mr. N did protest three times in front of the Burmese Embassy. So what?
There is no evidence that the government knows or cares about protestors.
There is no evidence the government is interested in Mr. N.
Mr. N is not famous, noisy, notorious or conspicuous here in USA.
He did not send certified letters to his Embassy. He did not create a blog where he criticized his government. He only protested three times in three years.
He did not seek to re-new his passport. Professor Kyaw, from New York University, did NOT testify in court. Mr. N did not even ask the Professor to come.

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