Thursday, February 10, 2011

an activist from Ethiopia

The government lawyer asked:
-tell me your complete immigration history here in USA: you entered in 2001 as a tourist? as a diplomat?
-then you filed for an extension, I-539?
-when was your passport issued? when was it re-newed?
-Tell me about all of your international travel!
-you were safe here in USA, and then you returned to the country that you say is "dangerous"?
Was your passport ever cancelled?
In your country, did you engage in "oppositional political activity"? [OPA]
did you engage in OPA here in the USA?
why not?
You say you joined the Democratic party here in USA?
Did you hold an office?
Did you write any letters or make phone calls for them?
you just sat in a chair, in a room, while other people talked?

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