Monday, November 14, 2011

democracy activist from Syria

The Asylum Officer asked:
-have you ever used any other names?
Show me your passport! Tell me about all of your international travel.
-Tell me why you can't go home!
Why do you fear your government?
What did you do, to make your government angry at you?
Where did you protest? did you carry a sign? did you chant slogans?
What agency of the government threatened you?
When the government talked to your mother, what did they ask her? what did they say to her?
where was your sister, at the moment of her arrest? what did they ask her?
You say a television station videotaped you? it was broadcast into Syria? did anyone inside Syria watch it? how do you know they watched it?
did other members of your family have problems? who else was arrested?
What else have you done, to bring attention to yourself?
Where did you protest in Washington DC? why protest in front of the White house?
Who stood next to you, on the sidewalk, as you protested? Strangers? were any of them employees of your government? were any of them infiltrators, spies, or informers?
Is there anything else? yes? what?
Is there anything else?

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