Friday, October 28, 2011

pro-democracy activist from Cameroon, #2

More questions:
What questions did they ask you?
What else did they ask?
Why didn't the guard believe you?
What info did the guard want?
Did they take your photo and fingerprints at the police station?
Is that photo available to the Embassy of your country here in USA, so that they could compare it to a photo they took of you here in USA, and then be able to determine your name?
how long did they hit you for?
What happened on day #2 at the station? what questons did they ask?
what happpened at day #3?
How did you escape? what happened on the day of your release?
How much was the bribe that your sister paid, to get you out?
what were your political activities in your country?
what was your political opinion about your President?
does he know your opinion? how would he be able to know it?
how did your sister find out you were in jail?
did the police ever charge you with a particular crime?
How was your health on the day of your release?
you went to a health clinic? what did they do for you?
Gave you what medicine? gave you bandages? X ray? did they conduct any tests on your urine or blood?
Did a nurse examine you?
did a doctor examine you?
what did the nurse tell you?
what did the doctor tell you?
Where is the original paper from the Clinic? how did you get it? where is the envelope it was sent in?
since your escape, what have the police done?
did they talk to your parents? when? what did the police say to parents?
Your father has email? can I send him an email right now? will he answer?
Did you save the earlier emails you sent your father? can you print them out and give them to me?
Does your government care about you? why?
is there any other reason why they care about you?
Why did you send your embassy a certified letter?
Why did you protest in front of your embassy?
If 30 people protest, and you are one of them, how do the workers inside the Embassy know your name? if they take your photo, can they compare that photo to a police photo, or to a passport photo?
-among the protesters on the sidewalk, are there spies and infiltrators? did one of them find out your name, and then report back to the Embassy?
who else protested? what is the name of the group which protested?
Why did you protest?
what is the purpose?
why protest in front of the White house, and not in front of your embassy?
How did you learn about the protest?
Were you a member of a group here in USA? show me a membership card!
Why aren't you a member? is it because you are lazy and do not care?
How would your government know that you protested?
They took your photo while protesting; OK, so, are they able to compare it, and match it up with other photos they have of you?
-did an infiltrator look at the protest photo, and then give the names of the persons he knew?
-do you know the name of another person who protested? how did you find out her name? does she know your name? how do you know that she knows? is she a spy for your government?
when you left your country, did you have any trouble getting out of the airport?
why weren't you arrested at the airport? you say your mother paid a bribe? how much? who did she pay it to? how do you know that?
Is there any other reason why you can't return to your country?
Is there anything else?
What is your favorite exhibit?
If I telephone your mother right now, will she answer?
If i send an email to your sister, right now, will she answer?


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