Friday, December 14, 2012

a man from Pakistan

The Asylum Officer asked: You live with whom, here in USA? how did you meet him? How did he contact you? how did you contact him? how did you get his phone number? how did you get his number? How did he know you had arrived in USA? how did you get to his house, from the airport? Had you ever met him before? how did he recognize you? how did you recognize him? = why did you leave Pakistan? When did the problems first start? What is a "worship meeting"? what do you do, in it? = When did you last leave your country? your airplane flew through what cities? from Islamabad, to Addis, to Rome, and then to New YOrk? the bad guys broke up a meeting? please draw a picture of the room: where were you, where did the bad guys enter, where did they go next; where did you go next? What did you see? were their hands empty? what did you hear? what languages were they speaking? = show me the ORIGINAL documents! show me the envelope! do you have a certificate of baptism? what sacraments do you practice? what is your favorite story in the Bible? = what would happen, if you return to your country? you had problems in the city of Islamabad? OK, so why not go live in the city of Pashwar? or in the city of Meka? = if you did return to your country, how would the bad guys know that you returned? Is there anything else? OK, that is interesting. Is there anything else?

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