Thursday, December 6, 2012

what does FGM mean to you?

The Assistant Chief Counsel asked these questions, of Ms. S, from Somalia, age 23, who had suffered FGM at age six: 1] before the cutting, were you given an explanation, or were you just cut? 2] was it also done to your sister? Does your culture require it, or did your family voluntarily decide to do it? 3] how did it impact your health? 4] when was your first fever? when was your first infection? 5] how many fevers in the last two years? 6] how many infections in the last two years? 7] where is your husband? what did he think about FGM ten years ago? what does he thing today? 8] what impact did the FGM have on your emotions? 9] did you notice any smells? 10] did you receive psychological counseling about your problems here in USA? why not? 11] did you consult with an OB/GYN doctor here in USA? why not? 12] your fears, if you get pregnant? 13] if you have a baby girl, what would happen to her?

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