Thursday, December 19, 2013

an activist from Togo

The Asylum officer asked:
-can you repeat page one of your application? you think that is easy? can you do it twice in a row? what is your phone number? do you have more than one phone number?
-you say you never used another name? [Box 6} Didn't you receive letters from people who use a different name for you? So, you did use other names, yes?
-on page 4, it asks about your employment? there are errors on page 4? Yes? why?
you were too busy or tired to proof-read your application?
Why don't you want to return to your country?
Who threatened you? why?
What words did he say?
Did he say anything else?
The guard said you were against the government? why would he say that?
Why were you arrested in February 2013?
You say you were summoned to the police station? how far is it from your house to the police station? how many doors does the station have? how many windows?
how were you harmed in December? physically? emotionally? economically?

How did they hit? where on your body?
Did they do anything else? why did they hit you?
How did you get released from jail? what happened on the last day?
How were you able to depart from your country? how come you were not arrested at the border?
If you return to your country, what would happen?
Is there anything else?

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