Tuesday, April 8, 2008

gang case from Honduras: the gang hates religion!

IJ Schmidt granted asylum to a young man [Mr. R] from Honduras: at age 14, members of the gang asked R to join them. Because he was young and small, the police would not suspect him of selling drugs. R's uncle protected R for a long time. But then the gang shot and killed uncle.

Then, the gang shot at R, and the bullet grazed his shin, leaving a permanent scar. R and his father reported the acts of the gang to the police several times. Then, the gang said, "Join us in seven days or we will shoot you." So, R fled to USA.

R had lots of corroboration: letters from mother/father/police station/pastor of church in Honduras/ letter from law professor in Florida/ social worker in USA who said that R had PTSD.

DHS says R is a liar because: 1] he says he was last threatened in March 2006; whereas father says it was in January 2006; 2] no death certificate for uncle. However, R and his parents have very little education; R suffers from PTSD. R's lawyer asked for the death certificate, but the parents have very little education.

One important reason for the gang's making threats is the religion of R. R frequently said his church was against gangs.
R suffered physical and emotional harm. His uncle was killed. R had six good letters of corroboration.

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