Friday, September 26, 2008

did the Burmese applicant really go to protest?

The Asylum officer apparently was not sure if the applicant really attended the protest. The officer asked: 1] any police officers at the protest? how many? see any police cars? was anyone arrested? anyone harmed?
2] what did you do at the protest, besides just stand there? you held a sign? it said what? you shouted words? what did you shout? in what languages? what did you shout in English? what did you shout in Burmese? please write it down on this piece of paper
3] when was your last protest? what did you do, at it?
4] is it important for you to protest? why? why is it important?
5] what would democracy do for the Burmese people? can you be more specific? was the protest peaceful?
6] why is it important to protest peacefully? were any of the people armed? were any of the people harmed? how would your government know that you were protesting? did government have spies on the sidewalk, who stood among the protestors? how do you know that? who says?
what is the DVB? did they write a report?
7] how else would government know about you? how do you know they took photos? but, lots of people protested? you were just one among 50? how would they know about you?
8] when you obtained your passport in Rangoon, you gave them a photo? so, your photo now is in Rangoon? if someone took your photo, while protesting, they could compare that photo to your photo, on file, and find out your name?
9] how else would government know about you? you wrote a letter to the embassy on S Street NW in Washington DC? why? did they really receive the letter? did they read it? did they answer it?
10] you say you sent papers to your father in Rangoon? what did you send? why? how did government find out you sent them? is it dangerous to send political papers to father? why send it then? so, you were aware of the risk? Oh, you did not send by post, or by mail? you sent via a private courier? did the courier know what was inside the package? was he willing to take the risk? did father actually receive the package? how do you know? why was father arrested?
11] if you return to your country, what would happen? why would you be arrested and tortured?
where is sister today? where is mother today? where is father?
12] tell me the name of one person who protested in USA, and then was arrested upon arrival at the Rangoon airport! how did government know he protested in USA?
13] has government issued a warrant for your arrest? why not?
14] is there anything else? Ok, that's interesting. Anything else?

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