Wednesday, September 10, 2008

why didn't applicant read her own papers?

Ms. Bah was denied asylum. why? because she did not read her own papers.

1. When she talked face-to-face with the Judge, Ms. Bah said she joined the political party in the year 1998. But, she gave a membership card to the Judge which said "1999."!
2. she told the Judge she was arrested and imprisoned for three weeks in June 1999. But, the letter from her political party said, "the government tried to arrest Bah several times." The letter did not say Bah was imprisoned for three weeks.
3. Ms. Bah's husband wrote a letter of support, but he wrote about other subjects: what the party did, what happened to a friend, what the President said. He did not write about his wife's being imprisoned for three weeks.

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