Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hernandez denied because he could relocate

Mr. Hernandez was denied asylum, for many reasons:
1. He said he was often beaten by the bad guys, but he did not flee his country for months. He did not explain why it took him so long to leave his country.
2. He said he really wanted asylum, but he was slow to apply for asylum here in USA. He did not explain why it took him six months to file his case.
3. The Judge said: Yes, the bad guys hit you. But, it was not that severe. Your injuries were too small. You have no emotional suffering. You did not suffer any economic harm.
3. The Judge also said, "yes, the bad guys hit you in the city of Guadelope. OK, so, go live with your uncle in the city of Orlando. You would be safe there."

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