Friday, April 17, 2009

a "black" person from Russia #2

the government lawyer asked: did you travel outside of Russia? where? why? did you have any problems leaving Russia? if Russia hates you, why would it let you leave?
-you say that your country is dangerous? so why did you return voluntarily to it? if you return of your own free will, doesn't that show us that the country is not dangerous? Or, did you have a very good reason to return there?
-your daughter lives in France? can she file a petition for you, so you can get immigration status there?
-are there different kinds of harm? yes? one kind is physical? another kind is emotional? did you suffer emotional or psychological harm? did you suffer any economic harm, such as not being able to get a job?
-you lived in the city of Moscow? you had problems there; so, why no go live in another city? why not live in Stalingrad? why not in Leningrad?
-you say you were attacked in the street? did you report it to the police? why not? do you think the police do not care if you suffer an attack? why do you think that?

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