Monday, April 13, 2009

questions asked of an activist from Cameroon

1. upon your release from prison, what did you sign?
2. why were you arrested? did you violate a law of your country? other people were there also; why weren't they arrested?
3. did you join a political party in your country? why? when?
4. why did you come to the USA?
5. to get your visa from the US Embassy, what did you say? did you tell the truth? why not?
6. did you try to re-locate inside your country?
7. you say your government hates you, today? how do you know?
8. is it true that 18 million people live in your country? why would your government care about you? what is so special about you?
9. you suffered no physical harm, correct? did you suffer any emotional harm or emotional distress?

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