Wednesday, July 8, 2009

SCNC activist from Cameroon #6

The Asylum Officer asked:
-how did you manage to leave your country? you needed a passport, visa, and airline tickets.
-How did you get each one? you yourself get it, or someone else?
Who set up the interview at the US Embassy in Yaounde?
who answered the visa questions?
who obtained your passport? when? how?
you have strong political opinions? so strong that your government hates you?
So, you continued your activity here in the USA? why not?
Does your government know about any of your activities here in the USA?
how do you know that they know?
does your government care about your activities here in USA?
how do you know that?
Are you afraid to return? why?
Since you have been here in USA, has your government talked to anyone in your family?
Is there anything else?
Oh, you received a letter from your father? where is the envelope this letter came in?
Is there anything else?
Why did you draw pictures of your jail cell?
who says that "a picture is worth 1,000 words"?

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