Wednesday, October 6, 2010

questions asked of a pro-democracy activist from Burma

-Why don't you want to return to Burma?
why does your government hate you?
did you do things that government hates? like what?
You say you protested, and demanded democracy?
how would democracy change things?
How do you know that government is aware of your activities?
what did you see with your own eyes?
did you see anyone inside the Embassy take your photo?
did you suffer emotional harm in burma?
did you suffer economic harm in Burma?
Your husband joined the NLD? why didn't you join?
Is government aware of protests by husband?
why do you think Government is aware?
why did you leave your country?
is that what you told the official at the Embassy to get your visa? why not?
Do you have any envelopes with fancy stamps on them?
You say you were on YouTube? how do you know if your goverment watches Youtube?
How many informers, spies, and infiltrators does your government have in USA?

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