Wednesday, October 6, 2010

very common questions by Asylum Officers

-did anyone help you with your application?
did someone read it back to you in your native language?
do you understand everything in it?
Tell me about all of your international travel: where did you go, what did you do in each country, what was your legal status there?
You lived in Japan for 3 years? why didn't you apply for asylum there?
were you "firmly resettled" in Japan?
Tell me about each member of your family: your father:
where does he live? what work does he do? how come the government does not punish him? did he suffer any harm? did he suffer any emotional harm? economic harm?
why don't you want to return to your country?
Tell me all about your passport! was it difficult to get? did you re-new it?
how did you re-new it?
how did you get your visa to enter USA? what was the conversation? what did the officer ask you, what were your answers; did you tell lies?
tell me how you left your country. Did you go to the airport, and show them your passport? did you have to pay any bribes? how much? to whom?
-why didn't you leave your country sooner? more quickly? why the delay? did you have trouble getting money for your travel?
what is the exact date you arrived in USA?
why didn't you apply for asylum more quickly? why the delay?
You have a strong political opinion? what is it?
did you join any organizations here in USA? why not?
Tell me the name of three organizations you joined in USA?
recently, has your family in the old country suffered emotional harm?
did they suffer economic harm?

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