Tuesday, April 19, 2011

activist from Cameroon #2

The Asylum Officer wanted to know:
-did you join any political parties in the USA? why not?
did you join a party in Cameroon?
What was the purpose of that group?
Does the group have more than one purpose?
was your government aware of your group? how do you know?
What did your government think about your group?
How do you know what your government thought?
how often did yor group have meetings?
how often did you attend?
what happened during the meetings?
Did you sit on a chair and listen to what other people said?
did you do anything else at the meetings, beside sit and listen?
for example, did you say something?
when were you arrested? you say in March 2010? what day in March? was it on a Sunday?
What were you doing at the moment of your arrest? sitting on a chair reading a book? standing on the sidewalk, holding a large sign?
Where did they take you?
what happened at the police station?
Can you repeat the words of the guard? what language did he speak, and what did he say?
What happened after they put you in the cell?
what furniture was in the cell?
how were you supposed to go to the bathroom? in a bucket? latrine?
What words did the guard say? what did you say?
what damage was done to you?
did you see blood? where did you see blood?
Today, how do you feel? do you have any problems today, resulting from the beating?
how did you join your group? pay some money? fill out an application?
What are the rules for joining? can anyone join?
right before your arrest, what thoughts went through your mind?
When you saw the man, what did you think, at first? that he was an ordinary criminal?
Why did the officer arrest you?
why did he slap you?
How did the police find out, about your activities?
Did an informer, spy, or infiltrator tell the police?

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