Tuesday, April 19, 2011

activist from Cameroon #3

More questions:
-how did you find out that the police were coming to arrest you?
How did the police know that a meeting was in progress, at that time?
-when were the photos of your scars taken?
Why were the photos taken?
Who took photos of you at the demonstration?
why did your friend take photos of you? did you send the photos back to your country, to encourage your friends there?
how did you get out of prison?
what happened on the day of your release?
How often were you hit in prison?
The guard hit you where? why do you say, "all over your body"? Why can't you say, for example, he hit me on the head, on the back, on my left arm, and on both legs?
what did your mother say, when the police came?
Were you afraid the government would arrest you at the airport, before you flew to Paris?
What precautions did you take?
did your brother pay a bribe? how much? who did he pay it to?
Did you have to go through a metal-detection machine, or X-ray machine at the airport?
Did you feel nervous at the airport?
what has happened to your group, since you left one year ago?
What are they doing?
does the governemnt care about them?
Why did you send a letter, via certified mail, to your Embassy?
Who sponsored the demonstration in Washington DC in front of the Embassy?
Why have you not joined a political party here in USA?
What was the purpose of the demonstration? what did you hope to accomplish?
On what day did you protest alone in front of your embassy? did anyone notice you?
why did you protest?
did you send protest photos back to Cameroon? why?
What did your friends in Cameroon tell you about the photos you sent them?
Does the government of Cameroon care about its international reputation?
What do you think would happen to you, if you fly back to Cameroon tomorrow?
Why would they arrest you?
Is there anything else? really? what?
OK, is there anything else?

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