Friday, May 20, 2011

an activist from Ethiopia

The Assistant Chief Counsel asked these questions:
-what physical harm did you suffer? tell me in detail; go slowly.
When were you arrested the first time? how long did they hold you?
On the day of your release, did you sign a document? did they give you a document?
Where did you go, upon walking out of the prison? into a car, drive to house? take a bus to hospital?
You left your country on September 20?
Where did you live during the 90 days before that? Tell me the address of the place where you stayed during each of those 90 days. [what does it say on page 4 of I-589?]
-when you left your country, what kind of passport? how did you get it? where is the passport right now? Physically, where is the passport today? in the hands of your agent?
You arrived in Mbasa, Kenya and stayed for how many days?
How many days did it take, to get from your country, to USA? Tell me where you were, for each of those days
-what airline did you fly on? what happened at each international border?
-how much did you pay the smugglers for your journey? $2,000? who paid it? your brother? where did he get that much money?

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