Wednesday, May 4, 2011

questions asked of an activist from Congo-Kinshasa

The Asylum Officer asked:
What is your name? according to passport, what is your name? according to your visa? according to your I.D.?
-can you repeat page 1 of form I-589 without looking at it? OK, go ahead!
Where does each member of your family live, right now? what is each person doing?
What was the job of your father?
what was your job in your country?
Can you repeat page 4 of your application?
does page 4 ask about your employment history?
can you repeat page 4?
Why are you applying for asylum today?
Why can't you return to your country?
Why does government want to harm you?
Did you have any problems in your country?
You say that you were arrested at your house in July 2009?
what did the soldiers say at that time?
What language did they speak?
Who else was inside the house at the time?
Why were you arrested in July 2009?
What happened before, to make the government angry at you?
Mr. Smith told you that the government was looking for you?
How did he know that?
during the last two months that you lived in your country, where did you live each day and each night? What does it say on page 4 of your I-589?
In January 2011, what did the guard say? what language did he speak in?
Let's talk about your passport. When was it issued? how did you get it? did you walk into the government office and the man handed it to your hand? or did someone else go in and get it? or, did the government mail it to you?
=as you left your country, were there any problems at the airport?
who paid for your airplane ticket?
What would happen if you return to your country today?
why would your government want to harm you, today? They forgot about you, didn't they?
When was the last time you talked to a member of your family? what did he say?
Is there anything else? yes? what?
Is there anything else?

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