Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Central African Republic #3

The Asylum Officer asked:
You say you were in prison? who else was there? your friend Mary?
did Mary write a letter of support for you? why not? did you even ask her for a letter?
How did mother find out you were in prison?
How did you know that she came to the front door of the prison to talk to you?
during the two months before you left your country, you lived in many different places?
why doesn't it say that on page 4 of Form I-589?
did you have problems at the airport, as you left your country? why not?
Did you work during the last six months you lived in your country?
what did you tell your boss, before you left your country?
What would happen to you if you return to your country?
Why do you think your government is still interested in you? They have forgotten about you, haven't they?
Why did you protest in the USA? did anyone notice?
Why did you decide to get a passport?
What does the US government know about you, apart from your I-589?
is there anything else? really? what?
Ok, now, is there anything else?

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