Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Exhibit 1


Physical harm
1. did you suffer any harm to your body?
2. did you suffer any harm to your house, apartment, furniture, office, temple, motor vehicle, or to anything else? Were rocks thrown through your window?
3. where you held inside a jail or prison?

Psychological harm
4. did anyone threaten you? Did anyone say they would harm you in the future?
5. did you suffer emotional harm? Did you ever feel scared? Anxious? Worried? Any nightmares or flashbacks?
6. did a member of your family suffer harm? How did you feel, as a result?
7. how would you compare your emotional health today, with what it was before?

Economic harm
8. did you lose your job? Were you unfairly denied another job?
9. was property taken away from you?
10. were you ordered to pay a large fine?
11. were you denied health benefits/education/public services/ official documents?
12. were you denied a license/passport/insurance?

Social harm
13. was there an invasion of your privacy?
14. were you forced to live in a ghetto?
15. were you denied certain kinds of jobs? Schools?
16. was there enforced social and civil inactivity?
17. was there surveillance? Did police talk to you frequently?
18. were you pressured to become an informer?
19. did you suffer deprivation of liberty?
20. were you shunned or ostracized?
21. were you forced to comply with religious rules?
22. were you verbally insulted when you walked down the street or took a bus?
23. were there public expressions against your group? [statements made in newspapers, television, radio, or graffiti on walls?]
24. were you treated unfairly in any other way?

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