Friday, October 28, 2011

pro-democracy activist from Cameroon

The Asylum Officer asked:
-when you applied for a visa at US embassy in your country, did you fill out an application?
-did you tell lies on that application?
do I have a copy of that application right here in my hand? I read it today; you have not read it since you signed it 12 months ago? So, I know more about it than you do?
you are a member of the "Bamileke" tribe? how are they different from other people in Cameroon? different language, accent, religion, what?
Where is your husband today?
where is your older sister today? how come the government does not bother her?
Is a video of you protesting now published on
you are un-employed here in USA? how do you pay rent/ how do you buy food?
Upon arrival here in USA, what was your plan, as to where you would live?
In answer to that same question, what did you say to the Embassy 12 months ago?
You told some lies to the Embassy, yes? but you can't remember exactly what you said, correct? that is why you are stumbling and mumbling today?

did you have any problems due to your race?
problems due to religion?
problems due to nationality?
problems due to your clan or tribe?
problems due to political opinion?
problems due to "particular social group"?
Do you know what "particular social group" means?
did you have a "traditional" marriage?
Yes? if you want to get married again, must you first get a divorce?
When was your last contact with your husband?
your last contact with your father?
What did he tell you, when you talked last?
why were you arrested?
where were you, at the moment of your arrest? sitting on a chair in your house? walking on the sidewalk? sitting in a car?
What did the police say, upon your arrest?
what weapons did you see?
What thoughts went through your mind, when you saw the baton?
How did you get from the place of your arrest to the police station?
What time were you arrested? what time did you arrive at the station?
Inside the station, what did you see?
What did you hear?
what did you smell?
What thoughts went through your mind, at that time?
Describe the room you were in: how big was it? as big as this office?
was there a chair? a bed? a plastic bucket for a toilet?

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