Friday, May 16, 2008

activist from Congo-Kinshasa

The government lawyer asked: tell me about your passport: when was it issued; how was it issued? if your government hates you, why does it do something nice for you, such as giving you a passport? you say the police department in the Northwest section of Kinshasa detained you, and that they think you are disloyal? did that department send information about you to the Immigration Department in the Southeast section of Kinshasa? Mr. Smith, in a building in southeast Kinshasa, issued you a passport? did he receive information from the police in northwest? did the police send info to the Immigration Department? if they did, was that information passed on to Mr. Smith? If not, then, Smith did not know? In other words, one department of the government does not know what happened in the other department? in the USA, if Mr. Jones does a crime in New York, does the Immigration Office in Fairfax VA know about it? if information is missing or incomplete in the USA, are there even more problems in the Congo?

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